Reece White


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Coaching Experience

I have been coaching for 15 years and am excited to kick off my first year at DeVeau’s!

Cheerleading and Gymnastics Experience

I started as a competitive gymnast at North Shore Gymnastics in Cedarburg, WI while in High School.  After High School Graduation, I went on to cheer at the University of Kentucky where we won three back-to-back UCA Division 1A Collegiate National Championships.  After graduation, I continued with the University of Kentucky as a coach, and we won a total of 21 National Championships.


With this background, I have been fortunate enough to coach many high school and college cheerleading programs all over the country.


Graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance.

Family Information

Sometimes we call ourselves “The Brady Bunch” because I come form a large family.  I have three sisters and two brothers, and I fall somewhere in the middle.  As you can imagine, all sports and activities were very competitive.

Why He Loves Teaching Children at DeVeau’s

The pure joy and energy children bring to everything they do, especially when learning a new trick or skill, is infectious.  You cannot help but feel that joy yourself.

I have traveled to many gymnastics and cheerleading gyms across the country and DeVeau’s offers the most beneficial experience for children.  That is why it was a no brainer to become part of the team.  You will learn quickly that children who are a part of this gym and community work with the very best staff around.


Fun Facts

I helped several small businesses get off the ground with my accounting background.

Although I spend most time at the gym, I do also love being outdoors and doing activities like snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, wake boarding, and boating.