Jackson Maynard

Ninja Zone Coach

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Coaching Experience

  • I started working at DeVeau’s in January of 2022.
  • I also work as a ninja coach!

Gymnastics Experience

  • Why I Love Gymnastics: I love gymnastics because there are so many ways you can improve. I love looking back to when I first had a kid in my class and think, “Wow. He has improved so much.”

Family Information

  • I played national soccer.
  • I have 2 sisters, Violet and Olivia.
  • I have two dogs, a puppy named Finnegan and an older dog named Whiskey.

Fun Fact

  • I love writing and drawing. I am a very creative person.
  • My most embarrassing moments are when I fall during class. It happens in almost every class and the kids find it hilarious. I always make a crazy noise to really exaggerate the fall.