Lauren Shrum


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Coaching Experience

  • I started coaching in 2006 and recently joined the DeVeau’s squad this year.

Gymnastics Experience

  • I started gymnastics at the age of 9.
  • Why I Love Gymnastics: I love the sport for all the things it teaches outside of flipping and twisting! If you want your child to learn listening skills, critical thinking, perseverance, hard work, dedication, grit, discipline and respect then gymnastics is the place for them! I learned these and so many other skills as a gymnast that have translated to my adult life. It’s the reason my daughters are in gymnastics and why I coach today!

Family Information

  • I have two young daughters who are in class at DeVeau’s! When we aren’t in the gym you can find us hiking, camping or laying by the pool!

Fun Fact

  • I think kids like being in my class, because while it is fun, I do challenge them to push themselves. I am here to help them reach their goals, no matter how small or big those may be!