Boy's Classes

Ages 6 and Up

The boy’s recreational program is divided into levels based upon skill progressions. The focus is on learning good fundamental gymnastics, goal setting, self-motivation, positive self-esteem, and developing a love of learning and trying new things.

Level 2 - Introduction/Beginner Class (1 hour)

If you are new to gymnastics or have a limited understanding this class is for you! Students will learn gymnastics fundamentals in a fun environment. Along with an introduction to gymnastics skills, students will also work on their strength, flexibility, spatial awareness, bravery, and body control. A free trial class is available for new students to learn at DeVeau’s and play on the trampoline, spring floor, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bar, and horizontal bar.


Example Skills

  • Cartwheels
  • Headstands & Handstands
  • Forward & Backward Rolls
  • Jump Full Turns & Seat Drops on Trampoline
  • Swings & Inverted Hang on Still Rings
  • Support Swings on Parallel Bars
  • Pull Ups & Push Ups
  • Upper Arm Hang on Parallel Bars
  • Pendulum Swings on Horizontal Bar
  • Pull Overs on Horizontal Bar
  • Tap Swings on Horizontal Bar


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Level 3 - Intermediate Class (1 hour)

This class is for our most advanced students who have progressed from Level 3. Fun and safety remain our focus while students challenge their strength, flexibility, and gymnastics skills.


Students will need permission from a DeVeau’s coach in order to sign up for this class level and successfully completed our Level 3 Class. If this is your childs first time at DeVeau’s and you feel as if your child has the necessary skills to attend this level, new students can be evaluated for placement. Call the front desk for more details. 317-849-7744.


Example Skills

  • Round-off Back Handspring
  • Front Handspring
  • Back Extension Roll
  • Back Bends
  • Inlocate on Still Rings
  • Tuck Open Flyaway on Still Rings
  • Back Uprise on Parallel Bars
  • Back Tuck on Trampoline
  • Back Handspring on Trampoline
  • Front Tuck on Trampoline
  • Circles on Mushroom for Pommel Horse
  • Lear Hip Circle on Horizontal Bar
  • Pull Ups, Push Ups, Dips, and Handstand Hold
  • and more…

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