Ninja Team

Ages:  6-17
Practice sessions: Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:00-8:30pm
Private evaluations available. Email or call 317-849-7744

A Force of Unwavering Strength & Unity

Strength isn’t just about muscles. Our team knows that true warriors are fortified by mental resilience. Our team pushes their limit and inspires others to do the same. We foster an environment where every member is a valued part of the Ninja Team family, working together to achienve common goals. Camaraderie, character, encouragement and respect are the cornerstones of our team culture – aspiring for each and every member to reach their full potential.

DeVeau’s Ninja Competition

World Ninja League IX Tier 1 Qualifier #1

March 2 & 3

To compete in the WNL competition, athletes will need a Ninjaworks ID and will need to have filled out the WNL waiver. Links to both are found in the registration process.

DeVeau’s Ninja Competition FAQ’s

The top three placing boys and top three placing girls from each age group will be awarded a trophy.

We will have a maximum of 17 athletes in each wave of competition.

Arriving 10 or 15 minutes early is advised!

Yes, athletes will have space to warm-up before competing.

The Ninja Room is located on the third floor of our building. Upon entering the front door, you can take either set of stairs up to the second floor. The stairs to the Ninja Room are located on the south-west corner of the second floor.

Shirt, bottoms, socks, and closed-toed shoes that are clean and dry.

No. This is an in-house ninja competition, so we will have a designated coach walking the course with each athlete. Parents and spectators can watch from the spectating area.

No. We will do an in-person walk through and rules explanation at the beginning of each wave.

We plan to have each wave finished in 2 hours or less.

We have 2 vending machines. One has some snacks and the other has some drinks. Options are limited. Please plan accordingly.