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Parent and Me classes are a parent participation class introducing babies and toddlers to the world of movement and exercise. Children learn to explore their capabilities and limits while in the safety of the gym. Very basic gymnastics skills will be presented, but the major focus of the class is on motor skill and social development. This class is often a child’s first exposure to a structured class setting – so the real learning comes in understanding and following directions, taking turns and sharing.

We offer three different Parent and Me classes including Crawling Cubs (6 months +), Walking Wallabys (12 months – 2 years), and Jumping Jacks (2 years +).

Our staff is committed to providing a safe and fun learning environment for both you and your child. Parent & Me focuses on parent-child interaction, gross motor movement, hand-eye coordination, and basic gymnastics skills and positions. Instructors will teach skills on vault, bars, balance beam, floor exercise (tumbling), and trampoline. You’ll also have plenty of fun-time in the pit!

Your role in Parent & Me is to assist your child with activities and skills taught by your instructor. Try to let your child do as much as possible — you’ll be surprised at what they can accomplish! To build self-esteem, praise your child for a job well done (or even for a good try) with hugs, high fives, etc. Please stay with your child at all times. Your instructor will teach spotting techniques in class, so you will have an important role in keeping your child safe.


Each session your child will learn new themes (Backwards, Upside Down, Climbing, etc.) in class. Parent & Me lessons are repeated two weeks in a row for better comprehension and retention. If your child does not want to participate in the class activity at some point (it happens to everyone), let your child explore what they are interested in. Try to find a “teachable moment” if possible, and eventually your child will want to rejoin the group. Be sure to stay with the group as much as possible in the main gym (downstairs) for safety’s sake.


Our goal is to give you and your child a fun, safe and educational experience each week. HAVE A GREAT CLASS!


If you have any questions, please call 317-849-7744.

Class Information

The Parent and Me class is 30 minutes long with a student to teacher ratio of 10:1.</>
DeVeau’s Parent and Me Program provides your child the opportunity to:

Spend time with you

Have FUN!

Increase his/her self-esteem

Socialize with other children

Learn body movement