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DeVeau's School of Gymnastics


Team Tryouts

Saturday, April 22nd, 12:00-1:30pm
Ages 5 to 8, $45

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Jeff Greene

Jeff started gymnastics during his freshman year of high school and competed all four years in college. He began his coaching career in 1978 and started at DeVeau’s in 2008.

Coaching both boys and girls recreational and competitive gymnastics of all ages and levels, he believes teaching kids keeps him grounded. According to Jeff, “Kids have a unique, honest perspective I think we sometimes tend to lose as adults.”


Aaron Schmitt

Aaron started gymnastics at age seven, started coaching his senior year of high school, and coached all through college.

He has coached all levels of gymnastics from parent/child through National Champions. He loves teaching children because of their spontaneity and believes every day is different, posing new challenges. Jeff’s favorite part of coaching is the individual sense of accomplishment and pride that the athletes achieve.

Winning is Fun. And so is Gymnastics at Deveau’s!

While some gymnasts want to take their abilities beyond high school and college competition, it’s important to recognize that DeVeau’s gymnasts benefit in so many ways from being part of the amazing programs here. Here’s our top five:

  • It’s fun. DeVeau’s is a happy place where boys have a healthy way to release stress and energy.
  • The habit of working the mind and body together gives him the advantage in all other areas of life and also develops skills that translate to other sports.
  • DeVeau’s certified expert coaches know just how far to push, so kids excel and don’t give up. And a low student to teacher ratio makes sure each athlete gets individual attention.
  • It’s safe. DeVeau’s huge, well-equipped gym is the best around and easily accommodates social distancing when needed.
  • In a structured and consistent environment, he will learn life skills such as confidence, discipline, and teamwork.

DeVeau’s has the largest and most dominant boys gymnastics team program in the state of Indiana. And, with athletes starting out in our Preschool and Recreation classes, we build strong teams from the ground up.

  1. We have over 65 gymnasts competing at Levels 4-10.
  2. DeVeau’s has placed either 1st or 2nd at the State meet in every level for the past 10 years.
  3. In 2015, our Level 10 team finished in 2nd place in the nation at Junior Olympic Nationals!
  4. We have had many National All- Around and Event Finals qualifiers at J.O. Nationals and many Regional Champions.
  5. On an Elite stage, DeVeau’s has had 3 gymnasts qualify to P&G/ Visa Championships.

DeVeau’s boy athletes have been awarded college scholarships at schools including:

Air Force Academy
Indiana State University
Ohio State University
University of Nebraska
Illinois State University
United States Military Academy West Point
University of Michigan
University of Illinois Chicago
University of Minnesota
Penn State