Trampoline Classes

Ages 3 and Up

Designed for both boys and girls, trampoline classes start with proper bouncing and stopping technique in a safe environment. Children will learn from the most basic trampoline skills up through flipping and twisting skills.

Classes will start by learning the basics of trampoline, jumping, stopping, and safe landing positions. Once the basics are learned classes will begin working on more advanced skills such as stomach and front drops. As we see students master those skills front and back flipping will be taught and then further progressions will be learned for twisting skills. All skills will be taught with safe progressions before they are attempted without assistance.

Example Skills

  • Front Flips
  • Back Flips
  • Front Drops
  • Back Drops
  • Twisting Skills
  • Safe Landing Positions
  • and more…

Ages 3-5 (45 min)


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Ages 6-9 (1 hour)


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