Danny Wohlschlaeger


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Coaching Experience

  • Started coaching gymnastics in 2012
  • Started coaching at DeVeau’s in 2021
  • Children love to be in my class because I make them feel comfortable and I set clear expectations.

Gymnastics Experience

  • I was never a gymnast. I was a wrestler… who needed a job during my senior year of high school!
  • I have trained coaches in more than 5 countries and all across the United States!
  • Why I love gymnastics: I quickly fell in love with the sport thanks to an inspirational mentor. She taught me that coaching gymnastics was less about coaching cartwheels and much more about coaching the spirit of young athletes. I was hooked! I had the opportunity to apprentice under her for a few years before she retired and I have been coaching ever since!


  • I have a wife Devyn and a daughter, Nora, and a ninja cat, Sage!

Fun Facts

  • I love to play the guitar, watch meteor showers, and read!
  •  I am animated and often loud.
  • I also have sweet hair.
  • My little cousins call me “Uncle Bock” on account of my excellent chicken impression.