Joan DeVeau

Owner and Coach

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Coaching Experience

  • Started coaching in 1973, and started coaching at DeVeau’s in 1982
  • I designed and developed one of the first pre-school gymnastic programs in Indiana. I was the coach in the video for USA Gymnastics that was used around the country to instruct coaches how to teach preschool gymnastics.

Gymnastics/Cheerleading Experience

  • Started doing gymnastics in 6th grade.
  • I love seeing the excitement in a child when he/she attains a skill for the first time. It’s such a moment of triumph!
  • Children never cease to make me smile! I love teaching at DeVeau’s because of the staff that teaches with me. Everyone truly cares about the kids and everyone is passionate about gymnastics—just like me! DeVeau’s is unique as we have such an experienced staff. Our combined years of experience is an outrageous number. We have very little turnover. Most of our staff has been at DeVeau’s for over 10 years.
  • I grew up always wanting to be a gymnast, but in the small town of Connersville, IN, there was not a gymnastics team at that time. I taught myself gymnastics skills in the backyard.
  • I was a cheerleader for Connersville High School when the basketball team won the IHSAA state championship. This was before the schools in Indiana were divided into classes by size of the school. It was a huge achievement for Connersville, IN.

Family Information

  • My husband’s name is Dennis Lods. My daughter Taryn DeVeau Lautzenheiser and her husband Luke Lautzenheiser are now the gym owners. And I have three grandchildren, Jackson, Drake and Evie. Winston, an 80-pound sheepadoodle, rounds out the family.

Fun Facts

  • I like to say, “Meanwhile, back at the ranch” when a child is not taking a fast enough turn.
  • I coached many of our staff members when they were young gymnasts. Now, I’m coaching their children, and soon, it will probably be their grandchildren I coach.