About Taryn

Gymnastics was part of Taryn’s life even before she was born. A week past her due date, Taryn’s mom bounced trampoline attempting to induce labor, and Taryn was born the next day. Competing gymnastics as soon as she was able and working her way up to Level 10,  Taryn’s passion for heights, tumbling, and performing in front of a crowd grew into a love for competitive cheerleading as well. She continued to compete in gymnastics in addition to competing in All-Star and High School cheerleading. Taryn went on to cheer at the University of Kentucky on a 22-time National Championship Cheerleading team, and then on to the University of Kentucky College of Law, where she graduated at the top of her class.  After multiple moves around the country for her husband’s career, the couple decided to return to careers centered around their passions and making the world a better place. They run DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics and reside in Fishers where they are raising their three children–Jackson, Drake, and Evie Grace, and their dog, Mallie.

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